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GreenCuisine4Pets is proud of our product and what it does for our clients' pets. We feed our own pets Green Tripe, but you probably guessed that.

We can tell you all about how great Green Tripe is for your pet, how it helps your pet's immune system, and how it helps your pet cope with fact, that's what this whole site is all about.

But don't take our word for it.

Here are real testimonials from some of our clients. 

If you have a Green Tripe story you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you. Write to us at


Now two years old, Gunther Hoffman was raised on Green Cuisine 4 Pets since birth!

June 20, 2019



GreenCuisine4Pets thanks our friends at In Sync Exotics in Texas.

Beef pancrease from have helped two of their tigers, Emma and Saber, with their EPI.

April 17, 2019

JF wrote:

Hi Tom,

I wanted to tell you that I just had blood work done for my 11-year-old lab who was showing signs of liver failure four months ago. Today his blood work is back to normal with excellent results! I totally changed his diet to 100% home cooking with filtered water and supplements. He feels great. Thank you for taking the time to advise me on what was best to do for his health when I first spoke to with you. I greatly appreciate it!


October 4, 2018

Jon B. said:

Hi Tom,

Green Cuisine 4 Pets has been a great dietary change for Penny since day 1! Greyhounds have particularly sensitive stomachs, and we tried many dry foods without success. They just wreaked havoc on her system. But almost immediately after switching to your products, Penny's liver and kidney numbers stabilized. And she absolutely loves the food! After a few years, she still dives right in to every meal. Thanks! – Amy, Jon and Penny

Ms. Penny

Jon B.

September 10, 2018

Beth D. wrote:

Hi Tom,

Emmy loves this stuff so much it's unbelievable.  I mean it's not as if she doesn't love the bones and raw meat she's been getting, but the second I cut into that tripe roll she is on her feet and standing beside me, dancing in the kitchen. What a find!



Emmy Jones

Beth D.

June 28, 2018

Christine T. wrote:

Hey Tom,

Chase is doing great. He's happy and finally at a healthy weight. I think he must be over 70 lbs. now :) It was a miracle to find you! Thank you so much – you saved his life!

Chase Before

Chase After

Christine T.
June 14, 2018

Candice P. said:

Hi Tom!

I’m hoping you had a great Thanksgiving! I wanted to give you a great update! Since I have moved to Florida and having switched vets (remember I’m Military and move a lot), I have just taken Regan - the GSD EPI positive dog - in to see if she had a UTI infection or what was going on with her. This was the first time that that I met a vet that KNEW more than I did about EPI AND guess what!! He said she looks LOVELY and doesn’t show any signs of EPI and shouldn’t put on any more weight. She actually has put on more weight than her original weight prior to diagnosis and looks very VERY healthy. Coat healthy and shiny, and he stated her teeth are a beautiful white. I told him it’s all due to me switching from the powdered pig pancreas to your raw Tripe and beef pancreas. I will be bringing in your information to him.

Candice and Regan

Candice and Regan

Thought you would love the good news story! It sure made me feel like an awesome Mama dog - especially when they said she is the best behaved GSD they have had in their office. I was shocked!




Candice P.
December 1, 2017

Scott C. wrote:

Hello Tom,

The tripe has been a miracle at fixing Stuka's chronic upset tummy. It was more effective in a few days than months of probiotics. As a bonus both dogs go insane for the taste.

Lady and Stuka

Lady and Stuka

Scott C
November 27, 2017

Rachel H. wrote:

We just got back from New York and the Westminster dog show.
Cydonia's daughter Grazie, won best of breed, and Dorian Gray, her son, took best of opposite. Both made breed history: She being the first female Neapolitan to win breed at Westminster, and a first for a brother-sister duo to win side-by-side. She went on to working group in Madison square garden.

And, of course, we'd like to order some more Green Tripe! We are getting low.

Dorian Gray


Rachel H
February 25, 2017

P.D. sent us:

I am a first-time American Bully owner. My girl’s name is Aitana. Once I received my puppy from the breeder, she was always wimpy looking. No structure, really, and not much to look at. I tried different dry and raw foods. I also gave her many de-wormers, thinking this would help, and no luck. A friend recommended green tripe. I did not know what this product was, but did my homework and gave it a shot. It's been an amazing turnaround for Aitana, to the point where now she draws the attention of many wherever we go. People often confuse her for a male – just the other day she was called a she-male! LOL.

Thank you,! Aitana and I love your product.

Aitana before eating Green Tripe from

Aitana before

Aitana after eating Green Tripe from

Aitana after

December 9, 2016

Another Success Story!

M.P. writes:

Hi Tom,

Here is a before and after of Jax.

Traditional medication was not working for him, and for over 5 months I watched him get thinner and thinner. I was so scared that he was going to get so sick that he would never recover. It was so frustrating giving him expensive medications month after month while he just got worse and worse. Nothing was working until I tried the pancreas from and then my results were almost instant. I honestly believe that without the beef pancreas Jax would not have made it to Christmas.

Thanks Tom!

Before and after pictures of Jax, a German Shepherd who gained 20 pounds with Beef Pancreas from

Jax before and after 20 pound gain in two months with Beef Pancreas!

October 31, 2016

Kristy K. writes:

Tom, everything arrived well and freakishly fast. My dogs were very inquisitive about "the box." Layla is doing well, much happier now that she has her pancreas. Our old supplier left us suddenly and unprepared. Tekk is doing AMAZING! My boy is back in action! He hasn't played or ran like a deer in about 6 months, and this past weekend he played with me and Layla for about 45 minutes hard. I was skeptical of how he would feel later that evening as he will limp around after a bit of activity and...NOTHING! He never limped and his sleep was restful. I have noticed a huge difference in him. I have added the coconut oil and Tumeric to his daily diet and have given him about 1/4 cup of the tripe (which is horrifically smelly!) but he loves it. I tried with Layla, but she can't handle the tripe :( She is OK, though, as long as she has her pancreas, her fav! I will need to place another order for the tripe ASAP! I don't want him to go without. At this point I will do anything to keep him around for as long as I can have him, as I'm sure you know boxers living past 12 is lucky. But his behavior this past week is truly nature at its best. Anyway, THANK YOU!!!

Kristy K.
October 12, 2016

MS wrote:

Brownie after Green Tripe from - alert, thick coat, and new found energy

My 16 year hound mix Brownie was almost at the end of her rope when I read about your tripe, so I thought I'd give it a try. I wasn't expecting such dramatic results in just 3 weeks. Photos don't lie! Everybody that knows her cannot believe her transformation! Her eyes are now clear and bright, her coat doubled in thickness, her energy exploded, and my girl is happy now, she no longer acts depressed! She does try to end her walk early now just to get her breakfast, she loves it so much. I'll never go back to processed dog food again! Thank you so much!

Here's how she used to look...

Brownie before Green Tripe from - thin, weak, tired

September 12, 2016

Here's a message from Zoey Z:

I decided to write you an email before I call to make another order of XKALIBER for Mochi. 

I just have to say, Mochi LOVES his food so much! He couldn't wait for his meal time any longer once we got home. He will sit next to me when I prepare his food because he knows the XKALIBER is in the container. 

Mochi just started having XKALIBER for about 3 weeks, and I realized that he has been happier and more ernergetic ever since. He loved his Orijen dog food, but it has no way compare to how much he loves XKALIBER! 

Here is my playful Mochi boy!

Mochi at the beach.

Mochi at the beach.

Mochi sees something of interest.

Mochi sees something of interest.

Mochi at play.

Mochi at play.

Mochi having fun with his friends.

Mochi having fun with his friends.

Thanks Tom!
Zoey Z.

April 15, 2016

From C.B.:

King Knut Boyle LOVES his Xkabliber!

King Knut Boyle just LOVES his Xkaliber!

Knut is a rescued Great Pyrenees.

Knut was rescued and subsequently adopted in July 2008. He is the apple of his Mom’s eye and a textbook Great Pyrenees – loyal, affectionate, brave, stubborn, and extremely independent.

Knut, a Great Pyenees, now 10 years old, thrives on Xkaliber from

Knut was always a picky eater, even though he was fed home cooked meals every night for years. That all changed when we found Green Cuisine 4 Pets. He enjoys TTG, but absolutely loves Xkaliber!

Knut, pictured here lying down, is a textbook Great Pyrenees – loyal, affectionate, brave, stubborn, and extremely independent.

Now 10 years old, he devours every meal enthusiastically and has as much energy as he did when he was 2!

Knut displaying a little attitude.

Thanks GreenCuisine4Pets!

February 17, 2016

From Michelle R.:

I am so very grateful to you and your incredible food! It has literally saved my cat's life and is extending it. I recently moved here from California where I was feeding my cat a raw diet. He has been eating raw for most of his life. I almost cancelled my move here because he was doing so poorly. His stools were bloody and very loose. He was also vomiting quite a bit and he was light as a feather. His normal weight was around 14 pounds. He is almost 17, so I thought I was going to have to let him go and I felt lucky to have to lived with him for that long.

But I could not give up on him...Once I moved here, I scoured the internet and I found your healing food. From the first meal of the Tripe (I used the Puppy Tripe because it is ground) he started feeling better. Everything began to clear up immediately. His stools became normal with no blood and he stopped throwing up. I have since added the Tiger's Choice to his diet and as soon as I did he started normalizing his weight. He is going to be 17 years old next month and he is back to being active again and not like a stuffed animal just lying there.

17-year-old Teddy Bear is thriving on a diet of Green Tripe and Tiger's Choice.

I am so very HAPPY!!! It's hard for me to believe that he revived like that and keeps getting healthier.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving my cat a longer, healthier life.

Michelle R.

December 18, 2015

We received this email from MC:

Hey Tom,

Wanted to give you a quick review of your food. I have fed my trial dog Xcalibur every day since Friday and his energy is off the charts. In fact, my wife said that he only needs to eat that during trial season if he is going to be this spastic. LOL. I will be placing a 30 day order soon and try to keep him on that through trial season.

What I have noticed comparing your product to the Blue Buffalo I have used in the past: The main difference (and it’s a huge, noticeable difference) is that Blue Buffalo seems to have less meat and more liquid in the same size package. When I open 2lbs of yours, the bowl is full. 2lbs of Blue Buffalo seems to have much more liquid. It could just be me, but I feel yours has more of the “good stuff” and less liquid.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a little positive feedback!

August 26, 2015

Here's an email from NS:

Here are some pictures of Olivia and her Uncle Gabriel, Olivia LOVES her green tripe. Since the breed grows to be over 125 pounds and life expectancy ten to twelve years, I truly believe green tripe will keep them healthy and increase their lifespan. It's the least I can do for them since they are both brilliant!

Olivia is a Black Russian Terrier and loves her Green Tripe from

Olivia at nine weeks, is housebroken, sits before she eats, and is a superstar with commands: Come, Wait, Drop It. Her uncle was quite the same, although much bigger at her age.

The breed started in Russia and is a hybrid of Airedale, Moscow Retriever, Newfoundland, Rottweiler, and Giant Schnauzer. The best of each breed! Although they are huge they are really light on their feet. They are extremely loyal and want to please. People friendly, when UPS delivers tripe, Gabriel gets on the truck! Their looks might be intimidating, but they love children and welcome people (unless their owner is suspect).

Gabriel (larger dog) with his niece Olivia

We had Airedales and had the best pack. But knowing they could never be duplicated, we switched to the BRT.

We picked up Gabriel in Mississippi right after Katrina. The breeder only has one litter a year and having only one dog, we had five at one time, thought to get Olivia as company for Gabriel. It might take a bit of time and lots of patience but they should be besties soon.

Although the name says "Terrier", the breed is in working class! Hence, the John Deere!

Black Russian Terriers are working dogs, hence the John Deere

They LOVE tripe and we are so lucky to have found Green Cuisine. Your customer service is great, the product works! We were out of green tripe for about ten days, no other food could compare. Imagine a one hundred fifty pound dog not wanting to eat! Now we are back on track and both BRT's are happy with voracious appetites!

Thank you Tom, this family is so very happy to have found you!

Gabriel, Olivia, and NS

August 25, 2015

RE writes us to say:

Last September our 9 year old dog, Oreo, was diagnosed with kidney disease. We were heartbroken and did a lot of research on how we could slow the progression of the disease. I felt overwhelmed until I found your website. The information on your website was very easy to follow and you personally went out of your way to help me understand how Green Tripe could help Oreo’s condition. I am happy to report that Oreo’s kidney levels have stabilized!!! It’s so wonderful to see her back to her happy, energetic self. I pray she stays that way for a very long, long, long time! Thank you so much for your help, Oreo thanks you too…she now loves feeding time!

Testimonial: Oreo uses Green Tripe from

July 30, 2015

Hi Tom,

I ordered tripe from you not too long ago. Just wanted to email you and tell you that I am so pleased with the tripe. My mastiff absolutely loves it and she finally has started to gain weight properly. She's been underweight since I got her at eight weeks, and has been a very picky eater so I've had such a difficult time getting weight on her. Last month she weighed only 51lbs and at five months old, was underweight. Today after a little more than a month of eating tripe everyday she weighed 80lbs. I'm so happy with the results and will be ordering more tripe soon.

Image of Nymeria

June 17, 2015


Here’s “the skinny” (pun intended) on Lil’ T.

In three days her stomach has stabilized. No more diarrhea or vomiting and perfect “poop.”

When she smells the tripe in particular, as you predicted, she almost does backflips. I, on the other hand, as you predicted, want to run from the room and find a respirator. Wow, what a stink!

Will keep you updated. I will try to squeeze her onto my old girlfriends scale, get her to sit still soon and literally weigh the results..

I brought a 68lbs fluffy dog into the the hospital and now have a 53lbs skinny dog (up from 50lbs before the new regimen).

She just finished her meal with everything including raw egg and mashed potato and sweet potato. She ran around happy for eight minutes and is now totally asleep on the couch. Or, as it is these days, “Her Couch."

Image of Lil' T drinking water running off of building.

Thanks Tom, Crossed Fingers, and Paws,

Kind Regards + Woof,

G & T

November 29, 2014

CN writes:

Just as a note of interest, Tarot, my 5 yo shepherd mix was sick last week with vomiting and diahrrea, not eating for 4 days (and she is a voracious eater who screams when the tripe comes out…). All bloodwork was perfectly normal, no temp, no other indications of serious illnesses, viruses, etc. Best guess was giardia, although the comprehensive tests, stool samples showed nothing. I started her back on ground chicken and rice, but she wasn't really interested in it. After a few light meals of that several times a day, I started her back on the tripe and truly believe it was the best thing for her. It has everything in it she needs to recover and she is now asymptomatic. I know this is not vet recommended and not traditional, but I subscribe to fairly pure holistic protocols. She was really only interested in tripe and I do believe dogs know what they need. That was the rush to get the green tripe, as my only concern was the higher fat content in the xkaliber, which was the only thing I had.

I just thought you might be interested in that story, advocating tripe as the perfect solution for dogs, on many levels.

Thanks again!

November 20, 2014

PJ sent this to us:

Hi Tom:

You may remember I ordered a little while ago from you. I had thought that changing the green tripe I had from another supplier to yours would make a difference. Well, I have to report that the difference is dramatic. I have 3 miniature wirehaired dachshunds with acceptable wire coats, except that the coat was getting thinner on one dog and another, who had had a litter, was getting a soft coat. Both had their blood checked and nothing was found.

After a couple of months of feeding your tripe along with meat from grassfed animals or at least from animals that were not given growth hormones or antibiotics) and some fish, the coats have completely changed for the better. It cannot be the weather as it is still warm in New York. The dog with the thin coat has a much thicker and shinier coat and on the soft coated dog the coat is turning back to wire. It is really important for wirehaired dogs to have a good coat, not just for show, but also for health and warmth. The tripe has been largely responsible for this change. Looking at them every day, you don't necessarily see it as the change is gradual, but a friend pointed it out to me today and it was an OMG moment for me.

I will be ordering more from you in the near future, but I thought you might like to know how your products are making a big difference to my dogs' health.

Thank you,

MF writes:


Blue Notes I can't quit you baby, aka "Fancy", is eight months old and one major away from being a champion with ABKC. She wanted me to let everyone know that she couldn't of done it without her XKaliber from Green Cuisine 4 Pets! We love you guys and thank you so much for having this awesome product always available for my Babies!!

UPDATE (Nov 2014): Fancy took 2nd Place in the 9 to 12 Month class at ABKC Nationals. This is the biggest show of the year with dogs from all over the country!! Fancy was in a tough class she just turned 9 months old so she was competing against dogs that were almost a year old!!

Blue Notes I can't quit you baby, aka "Fancy" is one major away from being a champion with ABKC and loves XKaliber from Green Cuisine 4 Pets!


Here's an update from our friends at Carolina Tiger Rescue:

Hi Tom,

Here are some pics of Aria from last week. The update is short and sweet--she is doing PHENOMENALLY! Just look at her--she's magnificent!

Thanks again for all your advice and support with her. You are one of her angels--she wouldn't still be here if you had not stepped up to help us heal her.

NOTE: See our intital post about Aria.

Image of Aria the Tiger - an EPI survivor with the help of

Image of Aria the Tiger resting

Thanks again, Gigi and Aria

Carolina Tiger Rescue logo

Cheryl and Joe write:

It's a miracle!

I wanted to let you know how Lulu is doing since we started her on green tripe and pancreas. She has gained just under a pound, and she is tearing around the house with a squeaky ball and is playing very actively with our boys again...we have not seen her run and play for almost a year. She definitely has her mojo back. Thank you SO much!  We have started adding some fat into her diet and she is able to wait until we get home to go potty. No more loose stools, thank goodness!  She is a grandma now and is obviously having a blast playing with her grandpuppies.

We know her long term prognosis is a concern, but our primary goal was to allow her have a great life, even if it was slightly abbreviated. Your products have helped her so much and given us our goofy girl back. We are thrilled! 

Thank you! Our experience has been remarkable. We only wish we had found you sooner!

Lulu has benefited from a diet with green tripe and pancreas

Meet Lulu

Lulu wins AKC Best of Opposite Sex

Lulu wins AKC Best of Opposite Sex

Annie Jaeger says:

"I love Green Cuisine so much, I bought the company!"

(Hit the play button or click inside the image and hit the space bar to view the video.)

JR writes:

"We spent thousands of dollars at the vet trying to find what was wrong with our dog Hazel.  The powders and pills did not work and she lost half of her body weight.  We were never even given a clear diagnosis. We thought she wasn't going to live much longer.  After doing my own research I found out about EPI in dogs and how we should feed her raw pancreas.  After feeding her pancreas from a local butcher she gained all the weight back in just a few months.  Her coat was beautiful again too.  Now we have found GreenCuisine4Pets and use their pancreas. It is very convenient because we do not have to process and freeze it ourselves.  Thank you Green Cuisine."

Hazel 17 pound under weight
Hazel 17 pounds underweight

Healthy Hazel
Healthy Hazel

From J&MB:

"When we finally got a diagnosis of EPI for Hugo, we could already feel his ribs. For months, he had been constantly ravenous and yet unable to gain weight, and his stools were frequent, loose and voluminous. Without the pancreatic enzymes he needed, he would not recover.

"At first, we called local butchers, beef processors, and even state authorities, but could not locate enough fresh pancreas. After much research, we fortunately found Green Cuisine 4 Pets, which has supplied us with frozen beef pancreas ever since. Their customer support is outstanding, and they have a thorough understanding of both pets and their needs. There is no way we could recommend them too highly.

"Today, Hugo is 12 pounds heavier and thriving. We keep pills and powders on hand, but we find that raw beef pancreas is the best medicine. It may look yucky, but pancreas from Green Cuisine 4 Pets is mighty sweet."

TS has this to say:

"Thanks so much for your excellent service! You have helped me keep Puffball alive these last four years since the Cobb Animal Clinic and the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine diagnosed her with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Trying to pill her with enzymes was torture for her (and me).

"Rolls of frozen pancreas, cut into 1" cubes, thawed and blended with two 5.5 oz cans of beef cat food provide four meals (fed two per day) that have kept Puffball thriving. Without Green Cuisine, Puffball might well be dead."

DG writes:

"My GSD was diagnosed with EPI three years ago (Pancreas insufficiency), but I had to find out most of the information myself since my Vet was not so familiar with the disease. (Thankfully it's all on the Internet). The Vet recommended a powder, but it was totally ineffective and my dog was fading pretty fast. Once we went to raw Pancreas there was a 100% turnaround and Mya is 8 years old now and going strong . Green Cuisine's products are always Super Fresh and, by far, the best products I have seen on the market! My other shepherds go absolutely crazy over the Green Tripe and K9 magic as well!!!  Truly amazing results – the whole product line is one hit better than the next. I can't say enough good things about GreenCuisine4Pets. You could not feed your best friends better!!! It's clear that they really are sympathetic to your cause and realize that, without their products, your beloved pet would be no more."

SF told us:

"My labrador dog Blondie was diagnosed with EPI 4 years ago. A year and 1/2 ago she got down to 38 pounds. Her vet recommended raw pancreas since the viokase wasn't helping her. I noticed her gaining weight one week after being on raw pancrease and now she's up to 65 pounds. She looks wonderful and acts like she feels better."

We are proud to announce our newest EPI client, Aria:



“After dropping to below 200 lbs, Aria has now rebounded with great success after adding beef pancreas to her diet.”
Curator of Animals
Carolina Tiger Rescue

TS writes:

Here's Puffball telling me that I'm slow getting her dinner ready!

Puffball says, "Hurry! I want my Green Cuisine for Pets!"

Puffball has been a happy customer for four years!



Hugo was diagnosed with EPI and wasting away. His owners started feeding him Pancreas from GreenCuisine4Pets and tells us, "Now he's doing GREAT!"

Hugo, diagnosed with EPI, has responded well to Pancreas from GreenCusine4Pets!


CA wrote:

We have a 9 year old Lab who was starting to limp and was over weight. We took him to several differents vets to see what they had to say. Everything we tried didn't work. We heard about Green Cusine 4 pets , so we bought some. That was the best thing we've ever done. Tanner, our lab, doesn't limp anymore and he's now acting like a puppy. We would recomend this food for anyone who has a dog. It's been the best thing. Thank you so much Green Cusine 4 pets.

NA wrote:

Dear Tom,
I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for your service to my "furry children" by making Green Tripe available.
When I called you, Franny, my 4 year old Italian Greyhound was failing to thrive. She had her rabies vaccine in January and suddenly took ill. She had stopped eating and was losing weight and her coat was a mess. She was lethargic and any food she did eat, she was regurgitating. She stopped playing and cuddling. I was absolutely beside myself with worry and was afraid she would perish from starvation.

My natural vet diagnosed her with Addison's disease and we started treatment. It was touch and go there for a while, because she didn't like any of the food I was feeding her, kibble or raw.

I started researching raw foods and found information about green tripe. I called a company in California and the shipping would have made it absolutely out of my price range. This company told me about you and so I called.

I have to say that I have never, in all the years I have had pets, been helped so genuinely than by you and Green Cuisine.

Franny is back to her full weight, playing and running around. She is happy and cuddling with me.
She loves her green tripe and gets completely excited to eat her meals. She no longer regurgitates her food. I feed green tripe to her adopted sister, Lilly, too. Lilly absolutely loves it and devours it in seconds.

Both my dogs are more active, have less stinky gas (actually no gas at all), have better coats and seem to be thriving in a way that they were not before eating green tripe. You have been a godsend. All your emails asking how we were doing, your genuine care and concern, helped me to calm myself and stay the course for Franny's sake.

You even told me I was a good dog mamma, which I had been doubting since my dog had become so ill under my care. All of these tangible and intangible services you provide were exceptional and remarkable. I hope others who are considering Green Cuisine and green tripe for their pets read this letter and make a most important decision to employ your services and help the pets that are in their care to live the best lives they can through the species appropriate diet that you offer.

Image of Franny (back) and Lilly (front)

I am sure that anyone who connects with you, will experience the same genuine care and concern that I experienced.

Most sincerely to you and your wife, thank you.


For ordering information, call 770-509-5520 or email us at tom @
Copyright 2011 Green Cuisine 4 Pets, LLC